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Vue & Vuex – Course Catalogue Case Study

Project Name:
Course Catalogue (Published Aug 2021)

Project Link:

My Role:
Designer and Developer

Special mentions to Simon, David and Anita my leaders at Action Starter. They gave me the autonomy and space to express myself through design and development while solving our clients’ needs.


Project Goal:
Create a single page that makes it easier for users to search, find and enrol onto courses that they are interested in. 

Some of the HeiApply users needed a single interface for their clients (potential students) to easily find courses that they have been referred to. This was both a user experience and software development project. We held several courses with the clients and talked about ways we can craft a perfect user journey for this particular use case of the system.

The primary audience was prospective applicants / people that would be enrolled onto courses through HeiApply.

Key Features

  1. Ability to be used by multiple institutions (schools that are enrolling students)
  2. Mobile Responsiveness
  3. Ability to integrate with the different user paths built into the backbone (HeiApply).
  4. Easy to use Search and Filters
  5. Ability to mark as favourite
  6. Ability to apply /enrol onto a course from the interface
  7. Ability to book one’s self and other people onto online courses
  8. Ability to enquire about programmes on offer

Tools used

  1. Vuejs as the javascript framework and vuex for state management