About Andrew

Andrew Sithole is a software developer and student of data science who is passionate about digital capacity development. He has worked with a number of developer communities including Google Developer Groups and Developer Student Clubs as a mentor in the country of Zimbabwe and the region of Southern Africa at large. Andrew strongly believes in the ability of technological advancement to bring about gainful changes to organisations and societies.

Ps: My friends call me Drew or Andy — Feel free to use any of the 2

Andrew Sithole ‘s Programming Experience

With over 5 years of programming experience, Andrew Sithole has mastered the craft of building software. His strongest language is Javascript which he has used in many forms including Vanilla (Good old plain Javascript), Angular, React and Vue. His favourite of cause is plain javascript which is Javascript in its most flexible form. However, plain javascript is not the best formula when one wishes do develop scalable projects with tight schedules (which is most of the time); frameworks like React come in handy in such cases.

Andrew also has experience in writing PHP, a little C# and python (& flask) which he use in Data Science projects. Some of his projects are listed on this portfolio page.

Andy - Working from home with the Green Cap of Magic